They Dont Know The Half

by LA Dub Z * Absent Minded *

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released July 13, 2014




LA Dub Z * Absent Minded * Ohio

Most fans that have fell in love with LA Dub Z's music are the same people that think hip hop could use a breath of fresh air. LA Dub Z's style of rap is odd ball music fueled by poetic yet crafty lyricism and infused emotion. It seems Lawrence found a true connection through hip hop and has used rapping as his personal outlet since he first became fixated on expressing himself. ... more

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Track Name: In The Mirror
I think I found my soul maybe its love at first sight
whatever it is let it be its just right.
sometimes I don't even need a pen I just write.
I came from the darkest place you brought me to the light.
Hello Mr. Wonderful. Good morning how are you.
a superior day might even say how do you do.
My reflections talking cuz your wishes came true.
you wished upon a star and I become one too.
and I don't need the fame for validation.
just let me build my palace out of what was your creation.
let my music travel seven seas to different nations.
(nod to this beat) Ill draw a picture of your faces.
so beautiful you always were.
if true love exist you were always her.
controversy's something I will always stir.
I feed off your emotions listen as that kitten (cat meows).. purrs
You're beat soothes me. (I think you know how much I need that)
You're word moves me. (I think you know how much I mean that)
You're here through me. (and you know how much that means)
melodies that made my life into a movie.
Go with the flow and let the visions flow through me.
A mamma, I think I wanna rap for the rest of my life.
Son thats cool but is your plan B tight.
Ima stay in school and get straight Cs right.
But if she want the D I'ma give her that pipe.
ahhh there I go losing focus.
drink that smoke this I need to be promoting.
peel off of the scene like the skin off of a locus.
back to the lab in a flash hocus pocus.
I got em hypnotized.
I love the look upon the crowds when they finally realize.
that I own them, yeah baby I own ya
Ill set your soul free but your mine for the moment
your mind is designed to find times of atonement.
can I get an amen.
those who hate on us go head and pray for them.
Love with inside of your heart until Im gone within the wind.
Dont spend it all on the drugs or all on the liquor.
I think they manufacture things so we can die quicker.
But I been going through it my girl been actin bitter.
4 or 5 cities away which means she needs a baby sitter.
He a little crazy nigga too but I made him.
Need that christening so I can say that God saved em.
I was so young I was out here I was single.
popped the top on da plot now I'm all about my pringels.
Told me its OK to mingle cuz we cant stay together.
made it through a lot of storms now I'm wondering weather.
that there will last forever cuz this flow is eternal.
Every time I pick my pen up I be burning through my journal.
crater turned into a worm hole guess who dived in it.
lost my mind inside but my hearts in it to win it.
bars sick enough to cure your emotions in 5 minutes.
dont believe me ask yourself how you feel when this songs finished.
Track Name: Zoning feat. Gmakin
(Lyrics for this song were meditated while recording, They are not available at this time)
Track Name: Kool Herc
To all my people who really love hip hop.
And those who just wanna hear the base knock when the beat inside your speakers drop.
like some sneaker tops fresh up out the sneaker box.
Naw I'm Scuffed up like the Jordan's you fucked up.
Ill tell my story tho.
I been out here getting busy couple times almost had me on the Maury show.
I am not the father of more than 2 or 3.
And any more than that is in the hat which makes it news to me.
But stop the scrutiny please don't ruin the youth in me.
Look and you'll see the you n me either that or your eulogy.
Because I'll bury you.
Pick you apart from the inside out n find a cemetery to carry you to.
Dub City changed me.
Spun me around turned me inside out spit me out and I'm the same me.
Finals game 3.
After we win I'll come back with a different roster and repeat with the same team.
Don't you touch my microphone when I be on that bitch.
Got about 3 minutes and I want my shit.
All the hip hop heads always love my hits.
And all the little ratchets scream they want my dick.
I don't dress to impress I express to cope.
But they feenin for a nigga whos surprisingly dope.
What if I told you the man above is supplying the coke.
Metaphorically you niggas don't have no hope.
My grades were never ones to brag about. Pants falling off my ass during class made the teachers wanna drag me out.
I was writing my lyrics.
In one ear and out the other for this brother because your lectures I didn't hear em.
Still so intelligent skin full of melanin.
Young and I'm black with a plan I'm excelling in.
Beats are my medicine and for the lyrics I speak.
I'm winning when I spit em so go ahead n read em in wheap.
Play your cards right.
You like the way I cut the deck n all the sudden wanna treat me like a star right.
I don't deal with you lost my appeal to you. You and I are not the same and that's why they ain't feeling you.
Track Name: Fearless
Son all I want you to know your number 1 to me.
hold you close the ground passes up under me.
Im not sure what I have to offer at 23.
But whatever that is you can have it all if your wondering.
scared of missing the time invest mine your future.
clark kent no Im just a man without the super.
real talk Dad can not be 2 places at once.
your side, stage lights, grades right are all I would want.
basically I was sheltered & I want more.
than carpeted living rooms next to hard wood kitchen floors.
tho Im grateful for the life that I had growing up.
Im sick knowing I cant give you the same and Im throwing up.
had to get from under thumbs I had chucked up the deuces.
getting used to getting picked up make your legs useless.
be humble but ruthless I had to get up out.
not the greatest father yet but Ill figure it out.
but I am tho little skinny nigga on his rambo.
got a shot to make it but I'm running out of ammo.
pressure is on how much of this can I handle.
most of these employers wanna treat me like a sambo.
I aint bout to tapdance for the cash advance.
I know my worth I'm the worlds strongest black man.
to put up with the opression and the obsession.
of donald sterlings who date our women but hate our complexion.
to my people in the nose bleed sections.
peep game cuz their not showing us affection.
fuck how you feel go hard as an erection.
produce young warriors or wear protection.
dont get distracted by presidential elections.
Its us that has to make the change in direction.
go find a puddle and look into your reflection.
thats the only thing that you should fear now correct it.
Track Name: Poison Ivy
(Lyrics for this song were meditated while recording, They are not available at this time)