Stuck In Day 6

by LA Dub Z

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"Stuck In Day 6" (The battle between 6: the number of man, and 7: the number of God) is a journey through a brief time line where the listener is invited to dive into a story divided by days (or chapters) rather than track numbers. Each day on the CD represents an individual entity of the 7 Deadly Sins. This story starts with a boy who has lost his true father figure in life, and substitutes Hip Hop as his new dad in his real fathers absence. This domino effect spawns a brief case of problems, making it much harder to cope with his own reality.

The "Stuck In Day 6" CD includes a roller coaster of great beats perfectly contrasted by rhythm, rhyme, and great harmony.

Follow LA Dub Z as he fights his way through "7 Days of Sin" to reveal the forgotten flaw that so many of us dwell upon, and find out why we as a human race have been Stuck In day 6!

Stuck In Day 6 is a "Public Release Album" released in the summer of 2013. It is also LA Dub Z's 3rd completed project the Absent Minded/ Woodz Productions team have added to his catalogue.


released 06 July 2013
Executive Produced By:

Keiften Philips & LA Dub Z

Production Credits:

Gage Is In The Building, Ken Ken Productions, Raisi K, Thrill Beatz, Asis Galvin, C And N Beats, French Alveraze, K Hordes Beats




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